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First Time Travelling Abroad : South Korea

Travelling outside the country is one of my wishlist dream. I always told myself to believe that I will visiting another country, especially Japan and South Korea. Even when there was a Super Junior concert in Jakarta (when I was in junior high school) and I wasn't able to come, I told myself that I would go to Korea to meet them. My cousin thought it was a joke and just brushed it off. Then 14-years me never tried to not believe my dream. I grow up thinking the same. Believing that I would travel to the stranger land. 

In my second year of university, my friends asked me to join them preparing for conference in Korea. Of course, I said yes. We prepared journal paper and poster for it, fortunately, our paper and poster was selected to be participant. I was surprised when the first time heard that news. I was glad and also worried. Since I am not from an upperclass family that has lots of money. Of course financial being one of my concerned at that time. 

Alhamdulillah, thank god, I was able to managed it and could go to Korea. 

Actually, there were a lot of things that worried me about travelling abroad. 

  1. This is my first time, so what will I do with flight and its transit?
  2. Immigration, what will I do with that?
  3. I wear hijab, with these days condition, will they treat me different?
  4. I am moslem, how about prayer time and food?
  5. My english is still a noob, how can I communicate with them?
  6. Korean is pretty hard to learn at the short time, how will I survive in Korea?
Those question lingered in my head often. I tried to brushed it off, but then it haunted me like a nightmare in night sleep. 

When the time comes, I packed my clothes and told to myself about not being worried. With that, I went to airport with lighthearted. Of course when on the way to airport, I was pretty sensitive tho. No one notice but I cried over happiness. I even pinched myself, asked : "am I dreaming?" 

I saw airplane, especially Singapore airplanes that parked in the airport from a far. I asked myself, "Is that my airplane?"

After said goodbye to my parents, brother, and sister, I waved and went to the airport for checking and some sort of it. I was scared. I was alone. Then I took the plane and went over to Korea with a transit in Singapore. This experience will be on my next post anyway. 

When my foot finally touched Korea, I still couldn't believe it. I lost of words. I took my luggage and went out to the gate. My feet felt numb. My body was drained in sweat. I was finally in Korea. 


  1. that is the experience that makes me envy. 'My first time travelling abroad' experience is when I was finally in Thailand, still in the southeast Asia, I Mean. Lucky you, you must be grateful because in the second year of university you can have your first ime travelling abroad experience in country such as... Korea. As long as you are in the south and not in the north, believe me you will survive.

  2. You're so lucky to have the chance!


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